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Marklin 89791: Livestock Transport add-on set


Marklin 89791 is described as an add-on set for the livestock transport freight set 82523 7-car set. 89791 set includes 2 freight cars + slaughterhouse with loading cart and fencing. This post highlights the building only which is a really nice structure to consider if your layout includes rural farming properties. At this time there are just a couple of laser cut farm structures this being one that I highly recommend, it is easy and fast to assemble with good results. It is called a slaughterhouse, but it can be called a dairy as well. Instead of buying the 7-car 82523 cattle transport set consider a fleet of 82314 “Milch” (milk) cars that are sometimes available on Ebay and turn this barn into a dairy farm. The 82314 car is a must have detail rich tank car with great color and  graphics. Stucco has been a much used building material throughout Germany for a very long time, it is durable and easy to maintain making it particularly well suited for barns.

_DSF8031 _DSF8032 _DSF8030

Faller: Lumber Mill 282743


Faller’s limited edition laser cut kits for z cost more than their plastic kits, but they are some of the highest quality available and produced in a one time series. The lumber mill features a water wheel that can be motorized (motor not included), lumber storage, metal hook and crane, saws, lots of lumber (made of plastic: ugh!), and a stucco and open timber building. Materials used in the kit include plastic, laser cut card stock and laser cut wood. Individual stucco parts are glued into timber frame work which adds time for construction. A heavy particle wood base serves as the foundation for this complex making the finished building a bit heavy overall. One of the advantages with laser cut kits is their lightweight: lighter than plastic buildings. A slimmer lighter layout is easier to move and store unless you are lucky enough to have your own train room! Photos show building without the rough timber and cut boards, they are cream colored plastic and must be painted otherwise use real wood. Also less precision of the water wheel than that designed by Archistories for their grist mill.

_DSF8043 _DSF8044 _DSF8045

Faller: Bauernhaus 282785


Faller’s limited edition laser cut kits for z gauge have thus far included buildings for rural scenes this being a barn/house structure of exposed timber and stucco. Construction of this kit is fun but patience is required: each piece of stucco is glued into section of timber framing, this process takes time and be careful not to lose these tiny parts that each cut out separately. The amount of parts that are individually cut out is staggering, but the realism of the stucco is worth the time and effort. Also included with this kit is fencing made of laser cut wood pigmented in dark brown. I highly recommend collecting each of Faller’s limited edition laser cut kits to complement those offered by Archistories.

_DSF8039 _DSF8040 _DSF8041

Faller: Klingenberg Station


The Faller Klingenberg Station is a laser cut kit with some plastic parts. The plastic parts include gutter downspouts, chimneys and roof. I assembled this kit and finished the roof with matte paint similar to the original terracotta tile color, the chimneys I painted in black. Attached freight depot is laser cut wood, its roof has a nice original patina. I chose not to install the downspouts, I felt they might be a little distracting. This is a great building that I plan to use on a Scandinavian inspired layout. As with other Faller laser cut buildings this is an easy to build structure.

_DSF8034 _DSF8035 _DSF8037

Archistories: Wolkenstein Train Station


If you are modeling Swiss trains maybe consider this second variation train station by Archistories featuring cream color stucco. All design features are similar to the Torrnstein Station, but appearance is quite different. Archistories suggests using these buildings as public buildings also, they do not have to be train stations only.

_DSF8046 _DSF8047

Archistories: Torrnstein Train Station


Train stations come in many shapes and sizes this three part Prussian design with connecting halls features a large passenger platform that can be expanded with accessory platforms.


Construction time is a bit on the long side you might need as much as 6-8 hours all told. The platform is made by laminating several pieces of card stock that tend to warp out of level unless even pressure is applied throughout the gluing process. Platform sort of slides into place with the station building leaving a fine gap, fill gap with similarly colored glue applied with a syringe; Elmer’s brown wood glue is a good choice. Red brick is used in this construction but stucco is available also of the exact same design. Partition walls of course allow for interior lighting that is realistic.


Archistories: Locomotive Shed “Zollern”


Here is a very interesting single track locomotive shed with exposed steel truss construction with red brick infill featuring a barrel roof. Experience building these kits is suggested, try building a few of the Archistories buildings before this one. The steel truss framework is made of very fine cardstock comprising four pieces: one per side. Very little room for error with this kit: gluing and assembling has to be quick. And re-positioning the fine lattice truss is not possible (tears easily). For alignment I lined up the bottom of each side with the bottom of the building, I then allowed the lattice framework to naturally fall into place before applying light pressure for gluing. Maybe as an alternative try placing the steel truss on the building and then apply tiny drops of glue in several discreet places. The whole range of z locomotives are easily serviced in this shed which features large windows and hinged doors.

_DSF8067 _DSF8068 _DSF8069

Archistories: Locomotive Shed



Archistories offer several locomotive sheds this one being a single track Prussian design shed of red brick construction from the late 19th century. It is a good example of an important railroad building for repair and maintenance of steam engines featuring an attached office space. This kit is not designed for variations, but clever planning and cutting makes it possible to come up with a pretty good variation placing the office structure on the right instead of left side. The side window on the office is thrown to the back of the building, in my example I used a sandstone insert which suggests age and modification.

_DSF8060 _DSF8061 _DSF8059 _DSF8058It is my opinion that this is the easiest building to assemble along side the Scandinavian cottages, it is on the small size but includes characteristics of other larger kits including partition walls, roof vents and hinged doors. All of the Archistories buildings are laser cut card stock and therefore absorbent of dirt or moisture that will leave permanent marks; dry brush weathering is possible but great care should be taken due to the absorbent nature of the materials. Correct assembly of this building can be seen in the following photos:

_DSF8063 _DSF8064 _DSF8065

Archistories: Interlocking Tower


The interlocking tower by Archistories follows two formal attributes associated with the Prussian red brick architecture found in numerous other Archistories buildings + the Sanders water tower’s exposed timber structure. The interlocking tower is small and a bit of a challenge to assemble because it is small with numerous small parts. The small parts do not need a lot of glue just a drop applied with a pin will suffice with the stair risers. A cool detail of this building are the throw levers which are authentically portrayed, adding a light to the control room will highlight this detail. The Faller interlocking tower we all have known for many years is a bit clunky by comparison to Archistories which is a finer example of what was once seen beside the rails, constructed of mixed materials of ample size for the important functions of this type of railroad building. If you plan to equip this building with light you must do it when the building is under construction, you will find it impossible to insert light to the second floor at the end of the project. Here is a building that makes modeling in z today more exciting than ever!!!!

_DSF8072 _DSF8073 _DSF8074 _DSF8075

Archistories: Roundhouse


The new Marklin 89982 turntable includes two buildings: roundhouse and administration. The architectural design of these buildings follows the architectural movement in Germany called Neue Sachlichkeit (“New Objectivity”), and a movement that was ended by the Nazis in 1933. I mention the Marklin roundhouse as one option and the earlier Archistories Prussian design roundhouse as the other option. Until just a few years ago Marklin made the only roundhouse out of plastic, it was a rather generic roundhouse with remote control doors. Having two options from two different periods of railroad history in Germany gives z scalers the choice between Prussian or DRG railroading although many Prussian roundhouses continued to be in use for later DRG and DB railroads. Exposed steel cage with infill brick denotes the “New Objectivity” or “New Sobriety” in Germany. If you choose Archistories Prussian roundhouse you can incorporate a very cool loco shed also by Archistories that is of the later architecture period in Germany thus having the best of both worlds.


Save a few bucks by buying a used or dealer old stock of the 3 pole turntable or 5 pole incorporating it with the Archistories roundhouse, it has a few attributes that make it a better choice than the new Marklin set including a much more commanding structure that is expandable then opting to include the loco shed by Archistories of the New Objectivity to include two eras of German railroading in your layout. The expandable Archistories roundhouse is possible as a separate add-on, each add-on roundhouse shed includes 4 bays; I built a 12 bay comprising the original Roundhouse kit with 4 accessory bays.


12 bays is about the maximum that can be built without some trimming to the roofing material to have it cover properly, it is possible to expand further but you will need to do some modification to the roof.