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Industry Prints

Industry Prints are Marklin freight wagons designed and painted by private enterprises. Modellbahn Freund, St. Louis, MO imported and sold these cars, the plastic boxes for cars sold by Modellbahn Freund were affixed a label with this stores name and address. Sometimes collectors have suggested Modellbahn Freund commissioned these cars, and they were printed in the United States, this is a mistake; all ‘Industry Prints’ were printed in Germany by Baur-Druck Bad, Waldsee and sold by Schmidt, Germany. Cars were distributed in the United States and Germany. The earliest ‘Industry Print’ in this collection is a gondola from 1983.

Further research can be found at, much of the information given in this post was kindly provided by this organization. *Information provided has been provided after much research, new details and corrections will be made as more is learned about these cars.

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1. Altglas ist Rohstoff mit oder ohne Glasbeladung, gondola with load of glass for recycling, 1983

2. Old Heidelberg BEER  Blatz MILWAUKEE, WIS. (ocker), 1983 *color variations of this car exist in gold, silver and white

3. Gatzweilers Alt (Haus rechts), 1983

4. HOCHDORFER BIER Goldstern (blau), 1985

5. Schwarzkopf, 1986

6. Bass Ale, 1986 Distribution: Germany 40 and United States 140


7. Chihuahua MEXICAN BEER (weib), 1986 Edition: 140

8. Coors Light, 1986


10. Labatt’s BEER Canadian BIERE, 1986 Edition: 100

11. MICHELOB BEER, 1986 Edition: 125

12. Miller High Life



13. Miller HIGH LIFE

14. Miller Genuine Draft


16. Pabst Blue Ribbon The Real Taste of Beer, 1986 Edition: 180

17. TSINGTAO BEER, 1986 Edition: 170

18. REINZ Dichtungs-Prazision weltweit, 1987



20. GURTEN BIER (silber), 1988

21. INTERFRIGO mit oder ohne DB-Zeichen, 1988 Schmidt #116

22. INTER FRIGO Basel (weib), 1988


24. VW Volkswagen – da weib man, was man hat (gold), 1988


25. VW Volswagen – da weib man, was man hat (weib Emblem hell – oder dunkelblau), 1988

26. Worb Brauerei egger bier (weib), 1988

27. Ulmer MunsterBier (weibes Band), 1988

28. VOHRINGER & KOPP Internationale Spedition (weib), 1989

29. Friedrichshafen Zeppelin (silber – weib), 1992

30. Eichbaum Pilsener Eichkrone Seit 1679 (weib), 1996 Nicknamed “Corpse Beer,” because the brewery is located next to a cemetery.

Dime a Dozen

We all have heard the phrase “dime a dozen”, it certainly does not apply to ‘Industry Prints’ those rare and elusive freight wagons mostly produced in the 1980’s – privately printed cars with advertising ranging from beer to car phones. Marklin was producing their own special imprints at a time when an enterprising few decided to get into the action. Making your own mark in ‘Z’ scale has certainly been tried many times through its history, but sadly special imprints referred to by collectors as ‘Industry Prints’ were produced for only about 10 years. Should the collector care about these rare items: yes yes and yes. If you collect Marklin’s special imprints you know the crisp pad printing achieved in the graphics, Industry Prints vary with generally thicker paint of a more opaque saturation. Collectors of special imprints know the 1986 release of the beer cars Pabst, Blatz, Chihuahua, Bass, Miller (numerous variations), Labatts, Coors Lite and Michelob, all were produced privately for exclusive distribution in Germany and the United States. The excitement for these models maybe the saturated colors or it maybe the history documented by the graphics who knows they are that and everything else.