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z-bahn: SBB passenger coaches

Z-bahn type EWII coaches from the late 60’s and 70’s are works of art, they help complete another area of z scale railroading. Coach sets were delivered in foam lined hinged aluminum boxes as elegant as the coaches themselves. Z-bahn was the first to model this type of Swiss coach in z, but they were also the first to produce interior details and seating. Marklin finally produced a perfect loco for this era of Swiss railroading with the 88590 class Re 4/4 II general purpose loco in green paint scheme. Earlier Marklin SBB locos in green paint scheme are also suitable, but the Re 4/4 was more common.

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  1. z-bahn #30120 – Swiss Federal Railroad (SBB) class EWII two car set: 1- 2nd class coach and 1- 1st class coach with “Komfort” stripe.
  2. z-bahn #30050 – Swiss Federal Railroad (SBB) class EWII five car set: 1- 1st class coach with “Komfort” stripe, 3- 2nd class coaches with “Komfort” stripe, and 1- baggage car. *Top right and lower left picture.

z-bahn 30120 + 30050 EW II coach sets of SBB

Exquisite the first word to describe z-bahn models and the fast second is Rare. I have not a lot to offer about the origins and history of this fine manufacturer except to say sadly it is no longer in business. If you are lucky enough to find z-bahn articles for sale buy them, your good fortune may not return for a second chance. Roughly speaking the price you can expect to pay is $100 per coach, they were originally sold in sets of 2 and 5 so complete sets are upwards of $200 – $500 respectively. *Prices based on what I have seen on Ebay in 2015. The production value of the cars is equaled only by the well produced packaging. Sets were delivered in aluminum hinged boxes which were foam lined, a small booklet accompanied each set in German language only. The cars feature Marklin compatible couplers and interior details, yes interior details before Marklin did the same with the 81551 “Airport Express” trainset. Missing is interior lighting. Here we have two sets of EW II coaches: 30120 two car set and 30050 five car set. Set 30120 includes 1- 2nd class coach and 1- 1st class coach with ‘comfort stripe’. Set 30050 includes 1- 1st class coach with ‘comfort stripe’, 3- 2nd class coaches and 1- baggage car. Models are based on the prototype EW II coaches produced 1965-1976, they were used primarily in city and regional express trainsets. Later it has been described that EW I and EW II coaches may have been used in ‘relief trains’ to augment the need for additional coaches in special circumstances.


Art. Nr. 30120 EWII 2 Wag.Set Komfort

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Art. Nr. 30050 SBB Wagenset EWII mit 5 Wagen mit Komfortstreifen