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Book Review: The Pennsylvania Railroad Volume 1: 1846-1917


The Pennsylvania Railroad Volume 1: Building an Empire, 1846-1917, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013 chronicles the early formation of the PRR from the mid 19th century until the beginning of a new century. Its author Mr. Albert J. Churella gives insight into the political, cultural and business perspective of America’s great railroad the PRR. More than 900 pages of text with few photos this is the benchmark book covering the first 71 years of the PRR. An interesting insight of the book is that credit for the PRR’s expansion was due in large part to political involvement in state and federal government including where track was laid.  Never a dull moment, this book delivers lively text covering the very rich history of this railroad. As of this writing volume 2 has not been published, it will cover 1917 until 1968. Published in 2013 it is still available on Amazon or your favorite railroad book store.