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Book Review: Presentation Book for 2006


Here is a book that on the surface appears to be out of date, but collectors will find it a handy reference book for their collections. Produced for 2006 the Presentation Book for Z was included in a slipcase with presentation books for that year in Gauge 1 and HO. It is an excellent hardbound catalog with 176 pages. The mid 2000’s were big years for mini-club similar to today with all the cool new releases now and forthcoming. This catalog includes an accumulation of releases that occurred over several years thus giving it a broader appeal than the annual catalog. Dealers may still have copies available, but they may not list these on their websites so check directly with them before giving up. I highly recommend this book for collectors and expect to pay $15-$20 for a copy.

Book Review: Marklin Publication-Track Layout Book 0296


Printed in 2005 this invaluable guide to the mini-club system is long out of print, but it can still be had on Ebay, Amazon and Marklin dealers. Every piece of track and track accessory is pictured and described with English text included. Wiring signals so that they function prototypically is covered. Even the reverse loop is covered. But following the book’s title layout plans are included with complete lists for what is needed for construction of each plan. Big layouts include placement for extra feeder tracks to account for voltage drop. And the layout plans are all excellent with the most of amount of function and topography efficiently designed for maximum fun! And fun is what it’s all about when you get round to making a layout. Careful not to proceed to quickly making your layout, half the fun is making it! Please note: this is the most recent edition of this book, it was published earlier with the same track plans and bound with a plastic spiral binder.

Book Review: Collection Marklin Spur Z


Here is a book released with a loco or vice versa. Marklin 88422 BR 111 of the DB with experimental paint scheme was released in 2015 as the Nurnberg Toy Fair loco, it came complete with the complete ‘regular’ production Marklin Z catalog: Collection Marklin Spur Z, modellplan GbR, Goppingen, Germany, 2015. The nearly 800 page catalog is loaded with the complete list of ‘regular’ production Marklin Z each illustrated with description (German language only) including year/years produced and class/type.  Not only was the locomotive a very cool addition, but the book is essential for every collector of Marklin Z. Without the book collectors have no way to fully appreciate the sheer size of Marklin Z’s produced to date, it also is an archival reference for versions. One version that would have gone unnoticed without the catalog is 88219 which is the BR 213 diesel locomotive, it came in two versions: one with lettering at one end of the loco and a second version without lettering. Two versions of this limited run loco makes each a true rarity. One other useful feature of this catalog are the operating numbers provided in the description, maybe useful if you need to verify item number with car if you bought from secondary market. Marklin is producing new Z items with great gusto these days so follow-ups to this catalog are expected. This much anticipated and successful archive and catalog is due to the brilliant work of its author Mr. Thomas Zeeb. This soon to be unavailable anywhere loco and book set are still available from