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Book Review: Buses, Trolleys & Trams

Buses, Trolleys & Trams thrived for a time in the 20th century throughout cities of the world, today buses are the main mode of transport alongside subway systems in certain cities and monorails too. At one time a rich variety of transport for the people could be seen traveling down the streets of any city each had their day, horse buses supplanted by steam trams supplanted by electric and petrol. By the end of World War II interurbans reached their end of life for many reasons: politics, auto ownership and road construction, and the high cost of maintaining infrastructure. All good things come to their end in the name of progress, but it is fun to think back on other days when very interesting vehicles transported people to work, shopping errands, sightseeing, and otherwise. Can we bring back some of this charm and excitement from yesteryear, at the Seashore Trolley Museum in Maine we can certainly try. Featuring the largest collection of trolleys and buses from around the world the Seashore Trolley Museum is also the oldest of its kind. A destination for some but for all others who visit the great state of Maine consider a stop here before heading up to Acadia National Park. Here you will see the only surviving “Liberty Bell Line” trolley from PA or a double decker trolley from Scotland. And you can ride the trolleys all day with the price of admission.

Buses, Trolleys & Trams, The Hamlyn Publishing Group LTD, 1967 is one of the very best anthologies on trolleys, trams and buses written with flair by Chas. S. Dunbar the book is supplemented by beautiful photos and illustrations. It is also an easy to locate book and attractively priced.


Book Review: Jane’s “Train Recognition Guide”

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Jane’s Train Recognition Guide, Harper-Collins, 2005 is as the name suggests a “train recognition guide.” With almost 500 pages this small format softbound book is meant to be carried around on train spotting adventures around the world. As an anthology of the world of trains it is very good, it’s scope are current trains from around the world. What it does well it does exceptionally well, each locomotive type is categorized by country with build date, number built, pulling specs, power rating and other technical details reserved for the geek in all of us railroading types. For the trains included this is an exceptional book

Book Review: The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Railways


Train anthologies are great for casual railroading study. The several types of train anthologies in my collection are trains of the world and recognition guides. The serious railroad library probably contain few anthologies due to the non specialized nature of these books, but they are helpful for certain European and Asian trains that have not made it into specialized publications. The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Railways, Crown Publishers, 1968 is a very good book that seamlessly covers railroading from “Primeval Steam” up to the current technology of 1968. Illustrated with hundreds of photogravure plates with some color illustrations this 500 plus page book is exceptionally good and well written. Every library should include a copy.