Z-Modellbau: Locomotives

Z-Modellbau locomotives are the smallest working z gauge locomotives today. And they run perfectly despite their small size and relative weight. How do they do it? Precision engineering and manufacturing are evident when you have one of these superb locomotives in your hand. Z-Modellbau also produces models of prototypes not covered fully by Marklin including operating shunting locos for NS.

_DSF9310 _DSF9311 _DSF9312 _DSF9314

Z-Modellbau – Nederlandse Spoorwegen – NS (Dutch State Railways) class SIK shunting locomotive, full metal construction with coreless motor.

Siding: Marklin has produced several car sets for NS including 82376, 82522, and 86304, all were Marklin “Export” models for the Netherlands.